Finbar Mordha

A one eyed blacksmith that needs the parties help


Finbar is a one eyed blacksmith, living in the village of Somewhere. He’s gruff man, not one for much talk or reminiscing. He hardly holds a conversation unless discussing the price for his wares. Get him talking about a piece of armor or a sword he’s smithed though, and he can talk for hours.

He’s shorter and stocky, built like an ox. He’s got a bushy red beard, and a bright red head, though there’s no hair growing there.

Finbar has only his right eye. He wears a dark leather eye patch over the other eye. It’s well known but never discussed that he lost his other eye, and the last two fingers on his left hand during the Old King’s War. It’s also well known that he fought for the losing side, but he’s an honest merchant, and makes quality armaments, so no one mentions his past.


Before the War, when Finbar was still an apprentice, he was trained by the Old King’s own Master Blacksmith. After the Old King lost the war, and he lost his eye, he wandered for a time, before settling in Somewhere.

His parents both died before the War, while he was apprenticing in the Castle. Finbar’s father was a smith in a small village who’s Lord was loyal to the Crown. His Smithy burned down in an accident, taking their home and Finbar’s parents with it. He was able to collect the tools that remained after the fire, but those few things he could scavenge from the ashes are all he has left of his family.

Finbar Mordha

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