Galgrim Dwar'vin


Galgrim was married and had a young daughter. During a time of struggle, Galgrim was away from home. While he was gone, a plague ravaged his home town, killing his wife and daughter, and most of the people he knew.

After arriving home and discovering the devastation, he became lost. His family was his whole world. A collection of priests had come to town to help the survivors with their dead, and ensure another outbreak wouldn’t take place. Galgrim found solace in their prayers, and soon devoted his life to their God, Lathander.

He spent a few months at the local Monastery, learning the word of Lathander. Galgrim had always been a veracious learner in his craft, and now applied that same ethic to the different literary works in the Monastery’s library.

After he’d learned all he could, Galgrim still felt hollow. He concluded that the Monastery didn’t couldn’t offer a complete insight into Lathander. Galgrim started a Holy Pilgrimage to the new Capital, where the Temple of Lathander stood tall over the city. While there, he met Haragin, one of the oldest Clerics at the Temple. After almost a year at the Temple, Galgrim grew tired of the pious preaching of his fellow clerics. He still hadn’t discovered the key to the puzzle that was his heart, and he was growing tired of reading.

His fellow clerics were all words and no action, and Galgrim wanted to act. Every time he helped someone in need, he felt whole again. Without fail, the gap would return with time. Early one morning, there was news that another far off village had been torn asunder by the same plague that smothered out his once happy family. The atrocity of the plague couldn’t stand. The death of so many innocent was unnecessary, and Galgrim needed to find a way to stay the suffering of those who were undeserving. He expressed his frustrations to Haragin, who comforted Galgrim. Haragin had suffered similarly when he was a much younger man, and had discovered certain ways of staving off death.

Over the coming months, Haragin would teach Galgrim these methods. Some in the church would refer to these methods as unnatural, and blasphemous to Lathander. But they worked. A simple prayer to Kelemvor invigorated Galgrim like nothing he’d ever experienced from Lathander. He was able to cure a child of a grievous sickness, with nothing more than a few words. Kelemvor had his price, but what cost wasn’t worth the life of a child?

It wasn’t long before the High Priest had word that Acolyte Galgrim was openly blaspheming Lathander with his healing works. Galgrim was banished from the Temple, and forced to leave the Capital. His course was set before him. Find anything he could that would point him closer to his new God, Kelemvor. Track this plague, and find a way to end it. Save those he could, and make a quick end for those destined to pass.


Early Life – Before the Shift

Galgrim Dwar’vin III was born to his Father Galgrim Dawr’vin II and his Mother Fizda during the harvest of 52BS. He was a perceptive child, choosing to watch, and observe the other children, rather than join in their games. He grew up fast though, taking to his father’s profession at a young age. The morning of Galgrim’s 26th nameday, his Father summoned him to his Forge. There he gave him a gift. A small mithril anvil, looped by a thin silver chain. His father spoke softly. “Present this to King Redshield’s Master Smith, Dard, and he’ll accept you as on of his Twelve.” Glagrim took the anvil with a heavy heart, and later that day, set out for the Capital.

For the next 20 years, Galgrim would learn, and practice his art as one of the Twelve apprentices to The Kings Master Smith, Dard. He learned quickly, and didn’t quit until the job was done. Galrgrim was always second in his Collective however, always a few steps behind his long time friend, and rival Hanarinden.

The War

Only a few short months before the Collective was set to undergo their Final Master Trial, The Clan executed their first attack. Brightstar fell, and The War had begun. Each of the Twelve was sent to serve under a commander in King Graik’s army. It was during The War that Galgrim would meet the women he would eventually marry, Telinden.

Telinden and Myria – After the Shift

Galgrim Dwar'vin

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