Onyx Eye of Gruumsh

You hold an onyx gem about the size of a chicken’s egg, it glistens with the shiny red light of your torch. Inset in a gold chain, it fits perfectly around your neck. You swear that if you hold the gem at just the right angle, you can see a yellow eye stare back at you, but it always disappears in a flicker of flame light before you can inspect it.

If you grab the gem in one hand and focus on your rage, the Orcish god Gruumsh grants you his boon for slaying one of his greatest warriors.

Once per encounter, you can activate the Onyx Eye of Gruumsh and glimpse into the future. You receive a +3 to your next spell attack roll. However, if you must roll a d20. If you land on 5 or lower your spell fizzles out, and you must roll a d100 and suffer the corresponding effect below.


Onyx Eye of Gruumsh

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